Crosscut is a hybrid agency/production company that creates and produces original content for both brands and entertainment. From a short form docu-series on IGTV to an experiential event on Facebook Live Streaming, to a webiodic comedy series, Crosscut is creating high level state of the art content.
Crosscut finds that fine balance between entertainment and strategy all in the service of generating engagement and revenue using intelligent data to make effective creative. The team behind Crosscut have made billions in revenue for their past clients and formed Crosscut to help brands grow using the latest in technology and storytelling techniques. Cost efficient while never sacrificing quality. 
With this experience and skillset it became apparent  that Crosscut can open up its doors to the entertainment industry. We are currently developing original content including two comedy series, a documentary about the Father of rock journalism who disappeared at the height of his career writing for Rolling Stone Magazine only to be found working as a video clerk in a West Village video store. And a feature film based on that same West Village character. And a yet to be titled horror film. Stay tuned.
Mike’s passion for building brands is based on balancing strategy, creative and entertainment. Having held leadership roles at agencies and creating award winning work for Verizon, The Weather Channel, Mentos, Coca Cola, Citibank, Staples, Turner, Popeyes and ESPN, Mike’s focus is now on directing engaging content. Mike's range of storytelling includes creating, writing and directing a sitcom for Turner Entertainment, co-developing a reality show for the Golf Channel and developing a 1 minute comedy food show. Mike wrote and directed a national campaign for the Weather Channel that received 25 million impressions in a week. For Mentos, he wrote and directed a global social media video activation that changed how Mentos marketed themselves. Mike took a local Boston restaurant brand national with a webisodic sitcom that he wrote and directed. Mike’s main objective when directing content is to ensure the strategy and story stay true to the brand.